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How much space does stainless steel jewelry account for in the jewelry market? Data speaks for itself

by:Keke Jewelry     2022-07-30
How much space does stainless steel jewelry account for in the jewelry market? Data speaks for itself
The times are developing, people's consumption level is advancing by leaps and bounds, and individuals pay more and more attention to their own image. The increase in demand for jewelry is a good proof. The jewelry market is expanding, and stainless steel jewelry occupies a huge market space. For this reason, data can be cited to illustrate this fact.

According to a survey, our population was about 1.4 billion in 2018. This is only based on statistics. The actual situation is more. Among them, there are more than 600 million women. Even if every ten people have a piece of jewelry, then Sixty million pieces are also needed. Stainless steel jewelry has been very popular among young people in recent years, and naturally occupies a larger proportion in the jewelry market. In addition to female friends, some fashionable men also wear stainless steel jewelry, which highlights the independent and special character of the new generation of young people. It highlights the charm of stainless steel jewelry.

In fact, in Europe and the United States, stainless steel jewelry has already become a popular jewelry. Now it is the development stage of the domestic jewelry market. The operation of domestic jewelry stores is relatively scattered, and there are not many styles that can attract customers. This is a common situation.

Based on the relatively strong plasticity of stainless steel jewelry, stainless steel jewelry processing factories are easy to make shapes that other jewelry factories cannot do, and the production process is environmentally friendly, which is in line with the contemporary concept of green consumption. Therefore, at present, the advantages of stainless steel jewelry stores are compared with other The advantages of jewelry stores are more obvious.

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