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Introduction to the cutting process of jewelry manufacturers


Generally speaking, jewelry is a high-consumer product, such as custom-made necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings and other jewelry. For jewelry manufacturers, of course, they hope to minimize the cost and meet the processing needs of customers.

Introduction to the cutting process of jewelry manufacturers

The die-casting and cutting process of jewelry needs to be processed in conjunction with the mold, which invisibly increases the processing cost of the manufacturer. In addition, some metal jewelry has very strict requirements on the processing technology, which requires small details of the jewelry and professional die-casting surface treatment. It is very fine, making the traditional cutting process unable to meet the cutting requirements of the product.

If you have to follow the traditional professional die-casting processing technology, it will not only make the processing cycle very long, but also make customers without a good product experience. However, the small laser cutting machine in the cutting application of jewelry is so "handy." ".

Over the years, jewelry manufacturers have been constantly innovating in technology. For small professional die-casting machines, the processing problems faced by manufacturers can be solved very well.

First of all, professional die-casting directly skips the link of mold opening, which saves costs for manufacturers.

Secondly, the cutting operation of the professional die-casting machine is fully controlled by the system, which is very intelligent, which can meet the manufacturing requirements of customers for different shapes, even if it is required for private customization.

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