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About KeKe Custom Jewelry Manufacturer

Since its establishment, KeKe Jewelry Manufacturer has taken the originality, quality and rich product line as the core work of the factory, and keep improving! In terms of original design, KeKe Jewelry Manufacturers adheres to the four principles of simplicity, generosity, fashion, and personality to meet the consumption and aesthetic concepts of modern people. Each product exported by KeKe factory embodies KeKe people’s inspiration and hard work. We provides professional wholesale custom jewelry services for global customers.

As one of the most professional wholesale custom jewelry manufacturer in China. In terms of product quality assurance, KeKe Jewelry Manufacturer insists the lean idea that quality is designed and manufactured, and apply the idea in the actual work of factory quality management, select stainless steel, tungsten steel, titanium steel and other raw materials, constantly improve the jewelry processing methods, inspection methods, continuous training of operators, maintenance of machinery and equipment to ensure the standardization of production conditions! In terms of jewelry quality management methods, we continue to refine 7 Quality Management Methods, 5 Major Tools, 6 Sigma and more!

Up to now, KeKe custom jewelry manufacturers has formed a series of men's jewelry, women's jewelry,  lovers' jewelry, punk jewelry and other products in the product line. In the choice of materials, there are 316L steel, tungsten steel, titanium steel, 925 silver, ceramic, zircon, crystal and so on! In the product category, there are rings, necklaces, pendants, earrings, bangles, bracelets, brooches, piercings, tie clips, children's accessories and more!

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