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Main products In KeKe Jewelry Manufacturer


By partnering with a Keke jewelry manufacturer, you can customize your jewelry designs and create your own unique brand of jewelry that stands out in the market. 

Whether you are looking for necklaces, bracelets, earrings, or rings, KeKe custom wholesale jewelry supplier can provide you with high-quality and affordable products that will exceed your expectations.

KeKe wholesale custom jewelry manufacturer provides the best stainless steel jewelry and 925 silver jewelry wholesale service in China, we do our best to provide our customers with quality products

Selected Raw Materials in KeKe Custom Jewelry Supplier

Selected Raw Materials

All products are made of high quality 316, 316L steel, tungsten steel, ceramic, Damascus steel, 925 silver, with anti-wear, non-allergic and other characteristics, not easy to rust.

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Attractive Style, Rich Variety

KeKe specialized in the best custom jewelry supplierOur factory has more than 80,000 style samples since establishment in 2006, 500 fashion and new styles are launched per month. They are always at the forefront of the jewelry market.

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Fine Craftsmanship

A.Flat polished without trachoma, no bumps, more comfortable to wear the jewelry.
B.Vacuum environmental protection plating, real gold protective layer, color retention time is more than 3 years.

C.Standardized management of work processes, job actions, and job inspections.
D.Operators are over 10 years of hand-studded experience, the drilling positions are arranged carefully and orderly to ensure the quality.

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Perfect Detection System

A.The product was tested for 72 hours with a 5% Na cl brine to ensure that the oxide and plating layers of the product were not corroded, keep products fresh for a long time.

B.Check the appearance of jewelry with 500 times strong light illumination to ensure that the appearance of the product is free of trachoma, scars, bumps, impurities, etc.

C.The factory strictly enforces mutual inspection, self-inspection, and random inspection (three inspections) system.

D.Quality management concept changes from the inspection of defective products to not manufacturing defective products.

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Affordable, Worry-free After-sales

A.Direct Jewelry manufacturer, factory internal management specification, careful management of quality (Q), cost (C), delivery date (D), continuous elimination of waste, and give profit to customers.

B.Professional after-sales team, 30 days after receiving the goods due to quality problems, we provide free exchange and free return service.

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Nearly 15 Years of Customization OEM Experience

 As one of the best custom wholesale jewelry suppliers in China

A.Have a professional jewelry design team that can provide style design quickly.

B.Support map and sample custom processing, seize market opportunities.

C.Excellent supplier of many brand jewellery, mainly in the United States, the Middle East, etc..

D.Learn about the style of jewelry in all regions of the world.


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