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Vacuum plating of stainless steel jewelry


Nowadays, many people are accustomed to wearing stainless steel jewelry to go to the street, and how many people really understand that the "gold and silver jewelry" they wear may not be pure gold or pure stainless steel jewelry products. With the gradual maturity of vacuum plating technology, metal jewelry has gone further on the road of color. Many metal jewelry have put on a "dazzling coat". Such as: stainless steel, titanium steel, alloys, etc.

Vacuum plating of stainless steel jewelry

Many customers have a wrong thinking, that is, plating a layer of silver on titanium stainless steel jewelry. In fact, this thinking is wrong. The color of titanium steel itself is silver, which is also called steel color.

Vacuum electroplating gives metal jewelry more opportunities to present consumers with more colors. With the popular trend, single-color jewelry products can no longer meet the needs of consumers. Therefore, there will be a lot of gold, K gold, rose gold and other colors of jewelry on the market. There are even multiple colors on a piece of jewelry. These colors are all electroplating processes. The purpose is to increase consumer demand for multiple colors and seize more market share.

The main reason for the electroplating of jewelry is to allow consumers to have a better experience, beautify the appearance, and prolong the time of surface brightening.

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stainless steel jewelry

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