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The meaning of wearing different colored bracelets


                                                                                                                            the    meaning of wearing different colored bracelets

      With the gradual maturity of the processing technology of jewelry, electroplating jewelry is popular with people at its affordable price. Looking at so many beautiful jewelry, different electroplating color bracelets have different meanings. Today, Foshan Keke Jewelry Limited The company's designers can see the friendship and different moods among the wearers from the color of the bracelet.

       Mood bracelet: Different colors represent different moods.

     Black means stress and tension; gray is similar to black, representing tension and anxiety; brown means restlessness; pink means fear and anxiety; red means adventure, full of energy, passion and motivation; orange means boldness and excitement; yellow means creation Power and imagination; green represents calm mood; blue means happiness and relaxation; purple represents passion and romance.

     Friendship bracelet: As the name implies, friendship bracelets are given to friends. It comes in different types, bracelets and beaded bracelets are popular now. All forms of friendship bracelets have a meaning, eternal friendship.

     Red symbolizes love; white bracelets represent pure friendship; yellow bracelets symbolize happy friendship or companionship; orange represents close friends.

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