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how to measure ring size


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Rings are a very popular accessory at the moment, suitable for many people, but there is also a problem: what should I do if I don’t know the size of my finger? I will teach you a few methods to measure the size of the ring, which is simple and accurate.

1. Paper strip (string) measurement method

You need to prepare three things: a piece of A4 paper, a pen, and a ruler. First, cut a long strip of paper with a width of less than 1cm from the extended edge of the A4 paper, and then wrap the strip around the fingers twice, remember to make a circle at the largest point of the finger joints, the tightness is mainly based on comfort, and use the pen to overlap Mark the position, and finally lay the strip of paper flat, and measure the distance between the two points with a scale, which is the finger circumference of the finger. If a string is used, it is the same as the paper strip, but it should be noted that the string should be as non-elastic as possible.

2. Professional tool measurement method

There is a ring size rod specially used to measure hand inches. This tool has a series of rings of different sizes. Put a suitable ring on a finger to be measured, and then remove the ring and put it on the ring rod. Just get the value. This ring size bar is more commonly found in jewelry stores.

3. Ring inner diameter measurement method

If you have worn a ring before, you can print the inner diameter on the paper, measure it with a scale, and then compare it with the size chart. It should be noted that the pen should be perpendicular to the paper, and try to choose a pen without edges and corners, otherwise errors are prone to occur. There is also a more convenient way to buy a ring size stick, just use the previous ring sleeve to mark the scale on it.

Note: In the process of measuring the size of the ring, try to keep the temperature balanced, do not overheat or cool, because the fingers will expand and contract due to the temperature, resulting in inaccurate measurement; if it is winter, it is recommended that the size be in a comfortable size The foundation is a little looser, if it is summer, it is mainly comfortable, or a little tighter.

These three measurement methods are suitable for online shopping of rings. They are simple, accurate and convenient. You can choose a measurement method that suits you. However, please note that the size of the ring is divided into Hong Kong version, American version, mainland version and European version. etc., so remember to check the size comparison table of the corresponding version after measuring.

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