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Ring measurement method


                                                                                                                                                          Ring measurement method

    There are three methods for measuring the ring hand circumference: simple daily measurement method, professional tool measurement method, and jewelry store measurement.

1. Simple daily measurement method

Preparation tools: a piece of inelastic string (you can also use a long piece of paper instead), a pen, a ruler with a scale.

A. First, wrap the string or long strip of paper around your finger, pay attention to measure at the largest part of the finger joint, neither too tight nor too loose, whichever is more comfortable.

B. Then mark the intersection on both sides with a marker, and take out the string or paper strip.

C. Finally, measure the distance between two points with a ruler with a scale, and compare the size of the finger circumference.

Note: There will be some errors in this measurement method. It is recommended to measure several times and take the middle value of the scale to reduce the error. In addition, it should be noted that the measurement of finger size should also pay attention to the season. Because of the principle of thermal expansion and contraction, it is not suitable for measurement when the weather is too cold or too hot.

2. Professional tool measurement

There is a special tool for measuring finger size called a ring size rod, which consists of a graduated size rod and a ring of rings of different sizes. The usage is to wear the rings one by one, find the most comfortable ring, put it on the ring stick and read the engraving.

3, jewelry store measurement

If you are afraid that your measurement is not accurate enough, you can go to the jewelry store in person and let the clerk conduct professional measurements and provide professional services.

After measuring the ring size, it should also be noted that the standards of the ring size comparison table in different countries are different, that is to say, the ring size corresponding to the same finger circumference is different. Therefore, when buying a ring, be sure to understand the comparison table of the brand of the ring, and find the corresponding size number according to the comparison table of the brand.

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