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The psychology of people who don’t want to wear jewelry


                                                                                                                                                                               The psychology of people who don’t want to wear jewelry

Accessories are tools that people use to decorate themselves, add charm, and express themselves, including rings, necklaces, earrings, headwear, watches, bags, and so on.

With the development of the economy, people pay more and more attention to their own image. The consumption of food and drink has gradually changed to decorations. Some people even buy more money than they spend on food and drink every month.

Wearing accessories is a manifestation of loving beauty and paying attention to image. What is the psychology of those who do not like wearing any accessories?

In our country, the ring originated in the Qin and Han dynasties. At that time, it was called the ring and spread to the people. Its meaning is the marriage contract between men and women and the oath of each other. In the Yuan Dynasty, the term "ring" was replaced by "ring".

In modern times, the meaning of rings is more extensive. There are wedding diamond rings for marriage, gold rings worn by the elderly, and rings worn by young people daily for decoration.

Necklace is the first kind of jewelry to appear. It satisfies people's aesthetic needs. People can choose matching necklaces according to the texture and color of the clothes they wear.

Earrings are one of the most common accessories. Young girls like to pierce their ears, and then put on the beautiful stud earrings carefully selected to add youth and vitality. The appearance of studs and earrings is diverse. People You can choose according to your preferences.

In addition, as people become more open-minded, some men have begun to pierce their ears and follow in the footsteps of women's aesthetics.

Headdresses include headscarves, headbands, peaked caps, dome hats, berets, etc. The headdresses generally have an embellishment effect. They are located on the uppermost part of the human body and have the best decorative effect. Ancient women like to use hairpins and hairpins. Chai came to dress up his hair.

The bag is a collection of fashion and practical accessories. The bag can hold cosmetics, tissues and some portable gadgets, and it can also add a sense of fashion. When traveling, people will use travel bags and try to pack as many things as possible. When going to work, women will use exquisite and compact bags, and men will carry business bags.

Watches are more of a male "patent". Many men regard watches as a status symbol. They spend a lot of money on famous watches in order to show their taste and identity.

It can be seen that ornaments are very important in certain special occasions, and people cannot do without ornaments in their lives, because ornaments not only have decorative functions, but also social and practical functions.

The survey shows that the main reason for dislike wearing accessories is "uncomfortable wearing."

The ring is a nightmare for some people with thick fingers. Although it can increase the charm of a person, it is easy to cause blood flow, bending the fingers will be greatly affected, and it is not convenient to do things.

When people wear necklaces, they always feel that there is a foreign body sensation on the chest. Lying on the bed or accidentally falling may cause the chest to be injured.

There was a piece of news that a woman was dancing in high heels. When she fell, a sharp necklace accessory pierced her trachea. She died eventually. Perhaps the sense of crisis is also the reason why people refuse to wear necklaces.

The discomfort that a watch brings to people is similar to that of a ring, and strangulation will appear on the wrist after wearing it for a long time. As for other accessories, they are more or less uncomfortable for some people.

Another reason for refusing to wear jewelry may be that they do not like to be restrained. This is a character factor. They may have been put on too much psychological pressure by their parents during their growth, so that the jewelry seems to them to be as heavy as a shackle.

Those rings worn on the body and the holes in the ears were unconsciously regarded as a burden, which made them feel very tired, so it is their true face to go lightly and travel in pursuit of freedom.

Some women have a carefree personality. Although they also love beauty, they are generally more masculine. Compared with the satisfaction that accessories bring them, they prefer to buy large items such as clothes and pants.

They don't pay attention to details, so accessories are dispensable for them, and they may wear them only when they are in a good mood.

Men’s dislike of wearing accessories is due to social expectations. In China, traditional ideas still account for a large proportion. Men dressing themselves up to show off attracts strange eyes from many people.

Even though they may be "trendy men" in their circles, their parents may be the first to disagree with them wearing jewelry.

Although many accessories are affordable, this kind of psychology can make people unrestrained, leading to redundant accessories at home and a waste of money. Therefore, some people will refuse to wear accessories in order to save some money.

Especially for those with a conservative consumer outlook, they would rather spend money on entertainment than buy accessories.

There are also some women who are not very interested in dressing up. In their opinion, simple and simple dress is the best dress up. The most important thing is the spiritual appearance and their own pursuit.

In short, different people have different attitudes towards jewelry, but for now, young women are still very concerned about how to wear jewelry.


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