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How to wear the brooch


                                                                                                                                                                                                   How to wear the brooch

Do you think the brooch is worn on the chest? In fact, there are thousands of ways to wear brooches, and there are no special regulations.

①When wearing a skirt, you can wear the brooch on the left side of the waistline. Pay attention to avoid wearing in the middle, which is not conducive to the overall curve shape. Wearing on the waistband has the same effect as wearing on the waistline, don't wear it in the middle of the waistline.

②The brooch worn in the pocket of the clothes is close to the palm of the hand, which is also the foil of the arm, especially if it echoes the brooch on the bracelet and ring, it will be more exciting.

③The brooches worn on hats, especially the brooches on berets and fisherman hats, are very domineering.

④ The brooch worn on the cuffs is usually the practice of very fashionable people, and most of us rarely use it.

⑤ Wear it on your hair. Not only can you use hairpins on your hair, some brooches can also come in handy in styling design, allowing you to achieve multi-functional effects.

⑥Wear a small brooch when wearing a turtleneck sweater or high-necked clothes for a good embellishment effect.

⑦The brooch around the neckline looks like a torus for your small face, but only fashionable people can hold it. Inconsistent matches can give a sense of accumulation.

⑧ Wear it on the bag. If you find it troublesome to wear a brooch on your clothes every day, or you don't want to always consider matching issues, then it is a good idea to put a delicate brooch on your bag. The brooch on the bag can never be taken off, and slowly, the brooch on the bag will become a label of your personality.


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