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Introduction of Foshan Keke Jewelry Company


                                                                                                                            Introduction of Foshan Keke Jewelry Company

Foshan Keke Jewelry Company focuses on the OEM, ODM customization and production of stainless steel jewelry at home and abroad. An international company dedicated to the research and development, design and brand operation of stainless steel jewelry. Now let the company’s customer service come to learn about the company’s strength

1. Enterprise strength: 14 years of strength precipitation, focusing on jewelry OEM

14 years of jewelry processing OEM experience, 3 assembly lines for large-scale production; joint manufacturing of its three jewelry factories 7000 square meters production base; 5S workshop management system, international REP production management system; daily production is as high as 800.00 pieces, and up to 220.0000 pieces per month.

2. Product quality: 14-year quality assurance, quality is trustworthy

Self-owned vacuum electroplating factory, color retention life can be controlled on demand, cost reduction; can provide international SGS report, ROHS environmental protection test report; inherit the essence of traditional manual craftsmanship, ingenuity craftsmanship creates true quality; yield rate is more than 95%, twice labor Quality inspection, 21 procedures are strictly controlled throughout the whole process.

3. Customization ability: 14 years of innovative design, follow up fashion trends

Provide personalized customized services according to needs, from R&D to production in one step; 1 hour for drawing, 7 days for sampling, and 20 days for shipment; 30 designers keep up with fashion trends and develop more than 200 new products per month; own 300 square meters Sample room, 80,000 samples are available

4, service commitment: 14 years of consistent value service

Factory executives, designers, and sales are connected at the same time; systematic customer service management system, after-sales problems are dealt with quickly; after receiving the goods, they can be repaired unconditionally due to quality problems within 30 days; own logistics system, which can assist in delivery and customers Specify logistics by yourself.

Foshan Keke Jewelry Co., Ltd. is a professional stainless steel ring customizer in China, Guangdong titanium steel jewelry manufacturer, stainless steel necklace manufacturer, stainless steel necklace custom manufacturer, stainless steel bracelet custom manufacturer, stainless steel earring manufacturer!


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