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Fashion stainless steel jewelry processing technology introduction


                                                                                                             Fashion stainless steel jewelry processing technology introduction

There are many process steps for jewelry processing, and many fashion jewelry processing parts use machine processing. Today, the technical staff of Foshan Keke Jewelry Co., Ltd. came to talk with you about the machining process of fashion jewelry.

1. Lost wax casting technology

Lost wax casting is the most important production process in today's fashion jewelry industry. Jewelry made from lost wax casting has also become the mainstream product of today's fashion jewelry. Lost wax casting technology is suitable for jewelry with obvious concavity and convexity and can be produced in large quantities.

The process of lost wax casting process is: making metal model-pressing rubber mold-wax injection mold-planting wax tree-pouring plaster mold-casting casting.

2. Stamping process

The stamping process is also called die punching and embossing, which is a technique for manufacturing embossed patterns. The procedure is to first make a model based on the master model, and then make a relief pattern on the metal with general pressure.

Stamping process: stamping pattern-forming (bending)-connecting everywhere (usually using solder).

The stamping process is suitable for jewelry with concave and convex bottom surfaces, such as small metal locks, or items that are not obvious, and are easy to be stamped or combined in two or more steps. In addition, extremely thin parts and accessories that require delicate and detailed patterns are also available. Need to use stamping process processing.

3, electroplating process

The electroplating process is a processing method for surface plating of precious metal ornaments, such as the plating treatment of ornaments and rhodium plating treatment.

The main process of jewelry electroplating processing method is: acid-base washing-degreasing and polishing-electroplating.

Electroplating technology can protect the surface color and brightness of precious metal jewelry, so that the jewelry has a more beautiful appearance.

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