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Advantages of stainless steel jewelry


                                                                                                                                                    Advantages of stainless steel jewelry

      In the 21st century, stainless steel jewelry has emerged in the fashion industry. Stainless steel materials began to become popular in the jewelry industry. With many fashion big-name jewelry companies embarking on stainless steel jewelry design. Stainless steel jewelry is becoming more and more popular. Let's take a look at some of the characteristics of stainless steel jewelry with the technical staff of Foshan Keke Jewelry Co., Ltd. and you!

    1. Stainless steel is not easy to rust, and has good decorative and plastic properties. It can be made into many shapes through processing equipment, and many colors can be made through vacuum titanium plating process.

    2. Stainless steel is a white shiny metal, not as easy as staining, corrosion or other steel rust. The range of stainless steel benefits is impressive: stainless steel is durable and easy to maintain. Also less expensive than other alternatives to metals such as titanium or alloys. It also looks a lot like platinum, but is more affordable.

    3. Stainless steel jewelry is a very special kind of metal jewelry. The texture is very tough, but it is also very corrosion resistant. It will not turn black like silver jewelry, and it will not be allergic to jewelry like copper, and it will not look like alloy jewelry. The medium is toxic due to lead content, and stainless steel jewelry always maintains its own color tone for life at room temperature.

    4. The stainless steel jewelry is made of the same material from the inside to the outside, and has passed the artificial sweat test. Its characteristics are completely non-corrosive, and resistant to strong acids and alkalis, without discoloration, no fading, no allergy, no deformation, hard and bright. It is a green high-grade environmental protection jewelry that will not produce any side effects and harm to the human body.

      People are attracted to its beauty, class and intensity. The most popular use of stainless steel is in jewelry, watches, bracelets, rings and body jewelry, because it is easy to clean, maintains the gloss of the mirror and is strong enough for daily wear. Stainless steel jewelry will last a long time comparable to gold and silver. It is very flexible.

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