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How to wear rings at home and abroad and their significance


                                                                                                          How to wear rings at home and abroad and their significance

It is necessary to know in advance about the wearing method and meaning of the ring. Because there are subtle differences in the meaning of wearing rings in various regions, especially the differences between domestic and foreign cultures, there are certain differences in the way and meaning of wearing rings between left and right hands. Today, the customer service staff of Foshan Keke Jewelry Co., Ltd. Let’s talk about how to wear at home and abroad and its meaning.

 How to wear a ring and its meaning In China, different fingers are given different meanings when wearing rings.

If worn on the left hand, the index finger represents unmarried, the middle finger represents engagement, the ring finger represents marriage, and the little finger represents unmarriage;

If worn on the right hand, the index finger represents singleism, the middle finger represents in love, the ring finger represents passionate love, and the little finger represents divorce.

Although the meaning of modern wearing is such a statement, our country has a long history and culture of thousands of years, combining the classics and traditions of Chinese weddings, the beauty of the phoenix crown and the beauty of the Chinese robe... When wearing the ring, follow the "male left female" The custom of "right" is worn by a man on his left hand, holding the right hand of a woman, expressing a lifetime commitment.

Second, what is the meaning and meaning of ring wearing in Western countries.

The left hand represents luck, a symbol of the good luck bestowed by God, such as a grand wear of a wedding ring, usually choose the left hand, placing good hopes and blessings;

In the early Western medicine in the United Kingdom, the United States, etc., it is believed that there is a blood vessel on the ring finger of the left hand, which reaches the heart. Wearing a love token on this finger shortens the distance between lovers' hearts, which means that true love is always with each other;

Countries like Italy and France, which are very romantic, have chosen the middle finger as the "heart finger". The middle finger is not only the center of the palm, but also the longest thumb, reflecting the long and heartfelt love;

There are also a small number of countries, such as Poland, wear a wedding ring with the little finger of the left hand to show value.

Although the way to wear the ring is quite particular, but in general, you can still make appropriate adjustments according to your own habits.

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