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What are the benefits of titanium steel necklaces to the human body?


                                                                                                      What are the benefits of titanium steel necklaces to the human body?

Titanium steel necklaces are just good-looking for many people, and they don't know what benefits it has for our human body. Now Foshan Keke Jewelry Co., Ltd. will share with you the benefits of titanium steel necklaces for our human body.

Regarding the benefits of the titanium steel necklace to the human body, titanium is a kind of ionization of cells by emitting a consistent wavelength, regulating the current of the human body, and thus has a beneficial physiological effect on the human body. Wearing a titanium steel necklace is also good for the body. It does not cause allergies, has stable chemical properties, and will not produce harmful substances to the human body during use.

The specific benefits of wearing titanium steel necklaces are:

1. It is the influence on the nervous system. It can strengthen the cerebral cortex function and mental activity, invigorate the spirit, improve work efficiency, and improve the quality of sleep. Negative ions can also strengthen the oxidation process of brain tissue, so that the brain tissue can get more oxygen.

2. It is the impact on the cardiovascular system. According to the observation of scholars, negative ions can significantly expand blood vessels, relieve arterial vasospasm, and achieve the purpose of lowering blood pressure. Negative ions are also great for improving heart function and improving myocardial nutrition, and are beneficial to patients with hypertension and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. restore.

3. It is the influence on the blood system. Studies have confirmed that negative ions can slow the blood and prolong the clotting time, increase the oxygen content in the blood, and facilitate the transport, absorption and utilization of blood oxygen.

4. Negative ions have the most obvious impact on the respiratory system. This is because negative ions enter the human body through the respiratory tract, which can increase human lung capacity. Someone has tested that inhaling negative air ions in a glass mask for 30 minutes can increase the amount of oxygen absorbed by the lungs by 2%, and the amount of carbon dioxide emitted can increase by 14.5%, so negative ions can improve and increase lung function.

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