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How does the jewelry factory respond to urgent orders?


                                                                                                                                                 How does the jewelry factory respond to urgent orders?



    Rush orders (expedited orders) are common in all walks of life, and jewelry work is no exception. The production of jewelry is basically done manually, and there are many processing techniques for each jewelry. If there is no satisfactory production cycle in the production process, there will be a situation of rushing for goods.

    Today, the sales staff of Foshan Keke Jewelry Co., Ltd. came to talk to you about how our factory responds to urgent orders from customers. We will have our own emergency plan at this time when the demand is in a hurry due to various reasons.

1. All urgent orders go through the "green channel", and each process sees that urgent orders need to be processed in the first time.

2. Collaboration of outside personnel will be assembled during the rush. (The cooperative processors that the factory has cultivated for a long time will transfer people from them to assist).

3. Assemble the factory staff's shift holiday, and adjust the workers' holiday to after the rush period.

4. During the rush period, the whole factory rushes for the goods and tells them to gather the whole factory personnel to enter the situation of serious rush for goods.

After rushing for goods (expedited orders), we can see the emergency ability of a jewelry factory. A factory that is truly capable of responding must have at least the above-mentioned plans when rushing goods. Talent can ensure the quality of the products together with the customer's delivery time.

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