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How to choose titanium steel jewelry?


                                                                                                                                         How to choose titanium steel jewelry?

Heart of beauty in everyone. Wearing jewelry is a trend, a fashion. So, how should we choose among thousands of diverse accessories? The metal properties of titanium can be said to be more consistent with our human body tissues. Then, it is more popular to make titanium steel jewelry. Would you choose it? Titanium steel jewelry is a choice among exquisite jewelry. So, how to choose titanium steel jewelry?


  1. Weight: Titanium is actually not a rare substance. It has a large storage capacity and a relatively light texture. It is only half of the specific gravity of iron, but it is tough and can withstand pulling and beating like copper. Based on this knowledge, when you buy titanium steel jewelry, you should understand that the weight of titanium steel in our hands will be lighter in jewelry of the same size, and it also has better toughness.


  2. Color: Titanium steel metal has a silver-gray luster, no matter what polishing method is used, it will not emit too bright color. And it can make a mark. You can take a corner of the titanium steel jewelry and scratch it on a white ceramic utensil or ceramic product. A black mark will be left. The deeper the mark, the more titanium is contained, and the mark is used You can't wipe it off with your hands.


  3. Corrosion resistance: We should understand that titanium steel has better corrosion resistance, because there is an oxide protective film on its surface, which will not dissolve even in acid solutions. If it is mixed with other substances, it will be corroded. Of course, it will not blacken like silver and can maintain its own luster.


  4. Workmanship: When choosing jewelry, its craftsmanship should be exquisite, and the polished surface should be fine and smooth. In this way, no matter what kind of titanium steel jewelry we wear, our skin will be more comfortable.


  5. Fire test method: You can also use fire to test whether it is titanium steel. When burned in fire, titanium steel jewelry will give off a gray luster (this should be done carefully, it is best not to use fire test, safety first). Other metals will not have this color and produce white or black light.


Titanium steel jewelry is also non-magnetic. If you can remember the selection method of titanium steel jewelry, it will help you to choose your favorite titanium steel jewelry in the process of buying exquisite jewelry.

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