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Will silver-plated and titanium-steel jewelry fade?


                                                                                                                                                        Will silver-plated and titanium-steel jewelry fade?

      The earliest brightener carbon disulfide used in silver plating was proposed in a patent issued by Milword and Lyons in 1847. It is still in use now, with only a slight change.

The name titanium steel is not a standard academic name, but a commercial name. Titanium steel is actually a kind of stainless steel, which does not contain titanium. The material used is not titanium, but 316L stainless steel. It is called titanium steel and is called titanium alloy jewelry. It is actually a stainless steel product that does not contain titanium.

1. Will the silver plating fade?

Silver plating will fade. Because silver is easy to fade and oxidize, silver is soft and easy to scratch. It is recommended that you gently wipe the silver-plated jewelry with a soft cloth in daily maintenance, or wipe the silver-plated jewelry with a professional silver polish, so as to extend the life of the jewelry. If the silver-plated jewelry fades severely, you can go to the store to seek professional help to plate a layer of silver or remove the remaining silver products.

2. Has the titanium steel ring faded?

Do not fade. Titanium steel has good corrosion resistance. High temperature resistance, high hardness, harmless to human body. The surface of the titanium ring will not change due to the environment. Long-term wear can also maintain luster and smoothness. As long as it is not in a strong acid and alkali environment, there is no need for special maintenance. Be careful not to be scratched by sharp objects when wearing it, which will damage the beauty of the ring.

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