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     Anklet is a relatively popular accessory at present, which can be worn by both men and women, especially in summer, it can show a different beauty. Jewelry is of great significance in our life and plays a great role in improving the matching of clothes. It can also express a good meaning, so what is the taboo of wearing anklets?

1. Taboos of wearing anklets

The anklet should not be too tight, otherwise it will give people a sense of restraint. The anklet is not suitable for both feet to wear at the same time. Generally, only one anklet will have a special asymmetric beauty. You cannot wear holy things on your feet. Generally speaking, you can wear gold anklets, but you can't wear too much, which will not only not have a good effect, but will also have a bad impact on yourself.

The anklet can also bring good luck to yourself. Wearing the left foot can prevent the villain. Wearing the right foot can attract wealth. The anklet is equal to nostalgia. , The anklets worn are different, but they all have good wishes.

2. Which feet are better for girls to wear?

Both feet can be worn. Wearing it on the left foot means peace of mind, and wearing it on the right foot means wealth. I hope that my career will be prosperous, it symbolizes peace and prosperity, I hope it will bring good luck to myself, I hope my marriage will be sweet, and wealth will be prosperous. , Everyone has the love of beauty, so the anklet is a kind of jewelry, which is the representative of beauty. Therefore, both feet can be worn.

3. Why can't the anklet be worn casually?

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