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MOQ of stainless steel jewelry


                                                                                                                                                                                                       MOQ of stainless steel jewelry

            In the past few years, the merchants who do stainless steel jewelry business all directly wholesale products from manufacturers. With the adjustment of economic structure and changes in people's consumption characteristics, most jewelry manufacturers no longer focus on wholesale jewelry, but on customized processing. Mainly, a certain MOQ is required to place an order for goods, so what is the MOQ of stainless steel jewelry?

        Foshan Keke Jewelry Co., Ltd. specializes in stainless steel jewelry processing and customization for 15 years. Our jewelry can be customized in batches according to different requirements of customers. For different products, the required order quantity has changed. Generally, the quantity of a single item of 100-200 is required to reach the order range. For the specific order quantity, we have professional personnel to perform the production process calculation according to the jewelry style, and then Give an accurate MOQ.

          Some people also asked, if there are two stainless steel jewelry products reaching 100, can it be made? Considering that the process flow of each product is different, the production cost of stainless steel jewelry is different, so it is still necessary to achieve an accounting MOQ. But if you have a product that has reached thousands of quantities and another product has not reached the MOQ, we can also relax the MOQ appropriately!

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