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How should jewelry be worn?


                                                                                                                                                            How should jewelry be worn?

      When it comes to decorative lines in fashion accessories, besides necklaces and earrings, bracelets should be one of the most popular accessories. We often see children wearing silver jewelry to protect themselves from evil spirits; mothers wear jade bracelets for health preservation; some young people wear metal jewelry to show their individuality, such as titanium steel, stainless steel and copper. So do you know how to wear jewelry?

1. Although some female friends have very slender wrists, their bones are more obvious. At this time, you can choose to wear two bracelets to weaken the bones and make your arms look more feminine.

2. Female friends who have a lot of flesh on their arms are suitable for choosing a wider wrist ornament, which can divert attention and look simple and generous.

3. Female friends whose skin color is not very bright should try to avoid wearing bright color wrist accessories. You can choose wrist accessories similar to the skin color to make you look more energetic.

4. Be careful not to wear two arms at the same time, so it looks like handcuffs


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