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How to match the ring according to the hand shape?


                                                                                                                          How to match the ring according to the hand shape?

        Speaking of rings, we all know that wearing rings on five fingers represents five different meanings. But most people should not know what type of ring they are suitable for.

1. People with fleshy fingers: It is not advisable to wear rings with no patterns and small volume, and avoid wearing rings with gemstones to avoid showing fleshy fingers and short fingers.

2. People with short fingers: It is suitable to wear V-shaped or inlaid pebble-shaped rings. To "stretch" fingers, avoid wearing large or small and short rings, and it is not advisable to wear multiple rings.

3. People with long fingers: Two rings with flowers or two overlapping rings can be worn to shorten the fingers, but it is not advisable to wear too much, so that the fingers appear longer and unsightly.

4. People with thin fingers: It is best to wear a ring with gemstones or large patterns, which will look plump.

5. People with thick knuckles: you can wear a round ring with a pattern or a twisted rope ring. Avoid wearing a ring with gems and emeralds. Otherwise, thick joints will appear more prominent.



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