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Precautions for wearing earrings


                                                                                                                                                       Precautions for wearing earrings

        Since ancient times, earrings have been in pairs and are very popular with female friends. Earrings can not only modify the face, but also a way for women to express their individuality. Little earrings can also be the finishing touch to your whole body.

   1. Don't choose earrings that are too heavy or some low-quality metal or plastic materials, which will cause certain damage to the body.

   2. In some serious and formal occasions, don't match with overly exaggerated or decorative earrings, which will divert others' attention.

   3. Generally, do not wear multiple earrings on the same ear. This will not only look complicated, but also cause certain damage to the health of the ears.

   4. When wearing earrings, try to wear them in pairs. Chinese people pay attention to pairing. With such a big earring, I want to ask if it is important.

   5. When wearing earrings, try not to wear necklaces and brooches in the same direction at the same time. This will appear repetitive and messy.

   6. If you have a fleshy face, don't choose earrings with the same shape as your face, as this will highlight the shortcomings.

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