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Impact of sandblasting process on stainless steel jewelry processing


                                                                                                                                                                   Impact of sandblasting process on stainless steel jewelry processing

Nowadays, many jewelry is no longer shiny, many of which have rough surfaces with texture. This is the sandblasting process in jewelry processing.

The sandblasting process is to partially blast the surface of the metal jewelry according to the design requirements to make the polished surface of the metal jewelry form a sharp contrast to enhance the beauty of the line art of the jewelry. There are two types of blasting processes: one is dry sand and the other is water sand.

 Main tools required for sandblasting:

1. Sandblasting machine; 2. Air compressor; 3. Emery (quartz sand); 4. Protective tape or wax

 Operation steps:

1. Seal the polished and cleaned jewelry parts that do not require sandblasting with protective wax or protective tape for protection. When sticking protective tape or spotting protective wax, the lines should be smooth and neat.

2. Select the appropriate thickness of emery as required and place it in the sandblasting machine. Then adjust the required air pressure.

3. Hold the broken jewelry piece, put the part that needs to be sandblasted into the sandblasting machine, aim at the sandblasting machine's sand outlet, open the air pressure valve, and spray emery on the metal jewelry piece by air pressure until it meets the requirements. The blasting position must be complete and uniform in order to achieve the effect.

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