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2020 jewelry trends


                                                                                                                                                                                        2020 jewelry trends

      What elements are popular in 2020 fashion jewelry? Although the simple style is justified, the matching of jewelry is still indispensable. Understand the 2020 fashion trends, help style uniqueness, and enhance brand competitiveness. Which styles are worth buying in 2020?

1. Metal elements

Metal jewelry has always been the mainstream of trendy styles and is quite popular. This boom will continue in 2020. Thick neck chains, chain bracelets, and earrings are suitable for wearing all year round, which not only creates a sharp and sexy look, but also adds a sense of weight to the shape, and multiple wearings look more layered.

2. Pearl element

Although retro pearls have been popular for several seasons, they are different from last year's simple styles, and this year's pearl jewelry has changed in design. For example, the luxurious style of necklaces and pearls, pearl dangle earrings, and even can be used as a headdress, play a new pattern from a variety of details, do not think that pearls are old-fashioned!

3. Large circle elements

Round earrings have always occupied the top three in the popularity ranking of all kinds of jewelry items, versatile and never retired, any style can be easily controlled, especially the trendy girl who likes street dressing. Most people wear medium or small rings. This year's popular ring earrings will have more design sense. In addition to asymmetrical, diamond and other styles, the size will also be doubled. It is difficult to ignore and enhance the eye-catching. Besides the degree, it can also achieve the effect of modifying the face.

4. Gems

It is a strong local tyrant's breath. In fact, gems also have low prices. It is no longer exclusive to the rich, so try it. . For earrings or necklaces, even if the appearance is a minimalist style, there are not too many striking and chic appearances, as long as colorful gems are embedded in it, it can visually enhance the brightness and look gorgeous and fashionable.

         In fact, it is not difficult to find that the popular elements of jewelry in recent years have tended to develop more exaggerated and more eye-catching. Knowing how to use jewelry to play different changes for styling can not only make people impress, but also show that they are different. Good taste!


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