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Stainless steel accessories


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Everyone must spend their time to understand the daily clothing collocation, but many people neglect to wear the jewelry. Every time they see what they like to wear directly on the body, but if you want to maximize the beauty of the jewelry, it is very important to pay attention to the collocation. important! 8 rules make it easier to wear jewelry.

1. Quantity rules When wearing jewelry: the quantity rule is better. When necessary, you can wear a piece of jewelry without having to wear it. If you intend to wear multiple jewelry at the same time, the upper limit is generally three, that is, you should not exceed three in the total amount. Except for earrings and bracelets, it is best not to use more than one piece of similar jewelry. The only exception is the bride.

2. Color rules When wearing jewelry: The color rule is to strive for the same color. If two or more pieces of jewelry are worn at the same time, the colors should be consistent. When wearing inlaid jewelry, the main color should be consistent. Don't make the several kinds of jewelry you wear colorful, dress the wearer like a "Christmas tree".

3. Rules of texture When wearing jewelry: the rules of texture are to strive for homogeneity. If two or more pieces of jewelry are worn at the same time, they should have the same texture. When wearing inlaid jewelry, it should be inlaid with the same material, and the bracket should strive to be consistent. The strength of this is to make it appear to be harmonious overall.

4. Identity rules When wearing jewelry: The identity rules are to make it conform to identity. When choosing jewelry, you should not only take care of your personal hobbies, but also make them subject to your identity. They should be generally consistent with your gender, age, occupation, and working environment, and should not be far away.

5. Rules of body shape When wearing jewelry: The rules of body shape are to make the jewelry take advantage of its own shape and avoid weaknesses. When choosing jewelry, you should fully face your own physical characteristics, and strive to make jewelry wear for your own strengths and avoid shortcomings. Avoiding shortcomings is the key point.

6. Seasonal rules when wearing jewelry: The rule of the season is that the jewelry worn should match the season. Generally speaking, the jewelry worn should be different in different seasons. Gold and dark jewelry are suitable for cold season, silver and brilliant jewelry are suitable for warm season.

7. Matching rules When wearing jewelry: The rule of matching is to try to make the clothes coordinate. Wearing jewelry should be regarded as a link in the overall clothing. It is necessary to take into account the texture, color, and style of the clothes worn at the same time, and strive to make them match each other in style and style.

8. Custom rules When wearing jewelry: The rules in custom are to follow the custom. Different regions and different nationalities often have different habits of wearing jewelry. One is to understand this and the other is to respect it. Wearing jewelry does not teach customs, and it will never work.

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Foshan Keke Jewelry Co., Ltd. is an excellent stainless steel jewelry supplier in Guangdong, China. It can produce and customize stainless steel rings, bracelets, necklaces, anklets, brooches, tie clips and other products, using the most advanced production technology and PVD vacuum plating technology. Ensure that the surface of the jewelry is smooth, beautiful and wear-resistant!

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