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How To Clean Silver Jewelry At Home With 5 Ways


Nowadays, many people like to wear some silver jewelry on their bodies. Especially some silver jewelry with a long time, are very easy to turn black. Partly because of dirt stuck inside the gaps of the pattern, and partly because of oxidation.

Many people have to go to a jewelry store for maintenance, but each time they charge a fee for maintenance. It's an expense to accumulate several times. In fact, you can clean it yourself at home. It is also easier to use some common things at home. Here are 5 ways we'll learn how to clean silver jewelry at home

1 Use toothpaste and a toothbrush to scrub

The first method is to squeeze some toothpaste on the silver jewelry where there is black, it has a whitening function itself. And there will be rubbing agents in it, and you can remove some of the dirt very well. After squeezing it on we use a toothbrush dipped in a little bit of water and then just brush it over and over again. But the brush better not be too hard, because it has a soft texture. It is easy to brush out scratches, brush clean and then we rinse. You can see that the silver jewelry has become shiny again.

2 Find a special cloth for jewelry cleaning

We can buy a special cloth to wipe it. General jewelry stores or Amazon can be purchased. It's easy to use, just take it out and rub it against the silver jewelry. It is very easy to wipe it clean. And this piece of cloth is not expensive. So it is also very recommended to use such a method.

3 Use jewelry cleaner

In fact, cleaning it also has a special cleaner, spray a little on it, and then repeatedly wipe with a wet towel. This way the silver jewelry will soon become very shiny. After wiping it we can put it in the sun for a while, it can also eliminate the poison, but also let the moisture dry quickly to prevent it from oxidizing and turning black again.

How To Clean Silver Jewelry At Home With 5 Methods

4 Drops a few vinegar or tea

You can drop a little vinegar or tea water on top of the silver jewelry, but do not soak it in it directly. Because this may damage the jewelry. After a few drops of vinegar or tea then wipe it with a wet hanky. Remember, when cleaning it must not use a wire ball, this is very harmful. Just choose a softer toothbrush and brush it gently. Then we will rinse it off again and it will be fine.

5 Soak into cola

We can also find a cup, and then pour some cola into it, and then put the silver jewelry into the soak. After ten minutes, we take it out and wipe it off with a wet handkerchief. The oxidized parts can also be easily removed. The acidity of Coke is not as strong, so it will be less harmful.

Have you learned the above five ways to clean silver jewelry? If you don't wear it, make sure to seal it with a bag to prevent it from coming into contact with the air. This can be longer and better to preserve it 

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