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How to choose the right earrings for different face shapes


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       Speaking of the daily beauty of girls, earrings must not be missed. Don't think it is just a small one, but it has a sense of detachment. Earrings are good as the only accessories that can modify the shape of the face. The above is a must-have item for every girl. Not only can it be the most eye-catching finishing touch in the look of the whole body, wearing the right earrings can add a lot of points to the overall image of a person, and it is also very temperamental. This is what many girls look like, but they are very elegant and delicate. Of course, compared with these benefits, the most striking thing is the retouching effect of our face.

Choose the earrings that suit you. Its role is not only to increase the beauty, but more amazingly, through the reflection of the earrings, it can even make the lines of our square faces smooth and perfect. What the hell is it? What kind of earrings fit your face? The following are the most common examples in our lives.

1. Square face.

Square-faced girls generally have softer facial lines, so the softness will be lower. At this time, you need to avoid some earrings with the same sharp angle, otherwise the effect will not be modified, but the whole face will look more heroic. So it's more neutral.

Choose earrings with smooth lines. Simple design and smooth earrings can help us soften the lines of the entire face to the maximum, especially long earrings and round earrings, the length is parallel to the horizontal line of the chin. It has the best effect on face modification.

2. round face.

Round-faced girls, because of the natural smooth lines and fleshy baby fat, will give people a big round face, even if the face is small, they are far away from the imperial and mature winds in some girls' hearts. Therefore, some longitudinal elastic earrings are not suitable for wearing. Not only are they not good, but they will make the facial lines more rounded. This type of girl is recommended to stretch vertically and wear earrings. When such earrings appear near the cheeks, they can effectively weaken the facial lines and visually elongate the face. There are usually some earrings that choose geometric or tassel shapes, and even round faces have a sense of rationality and maturity.

3. Diamond face.

The diamond-shaped face is also called the heart-shaped face. Wide top and narrow bottom is a common problem with this type of face. Visually, it will give people a feeling of upper, middle and lower lightness, very indifferent, arrogant, and uncomfortable. Women with this type of face have an approachable personality. It will also give people a feeling of high coldness. It is not suitable to wear some long tapered earrings, otherwise the face will be thinner.

Therefore, in order to better balance the face shape, you can do the opposite and choose earrings that are opposite to the face shape, such as round, drop-shaped, fan-shaped, etc. When worn on the ear, these earrings weaken the narrow jaw line. The coordination effect is good, and it will not appear so fierce, cold and thin.

These three categories are the most common categories in daily life. Most girls have earrings. Choose the right earrings according to your face shape. No matter what material or color it is, you can't go wrong. In fact, for us who love beauty, not only clothing is important, but these small details cannot be ignored. Come try it~.

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