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Several shapes of stainless steel jewelry inlaid with gems


                                                                                                                                       Several shapes of stainless steel jewelry inlaid with gems

1. Curved surface

Also known as convex type or plain body type, its ornamental surface is a convex surface. According to the waist shape (the shape of the waist), it can be further divided into round, olive, heart, rectangle, square, cross, cushion, pituitary, etc. According to its section type, it can be divided into five types: single convex cut, double convex cut, lentil convex cut, hollow convex cut and concave cut.

2. Faceted

Composed of a series of geometric planes that completely cover the surface of the gemstone, polished at an appropriate angle, the gemstone can display four optical effects such as body color, brightness, fire color and sparkle. Faceted types can be divided into diamond cuts, step cuts, rose cuts, scissor (cross) cuts, and mixed cuts.

3. Bead type

Commonly used for low- and medium-grade gemstones and can be used for different jewelry. According to the shape, it can be divided into round beads, oval beads, oblate beads, cuboid beads and other types.

4. Abnormal

Including free type and random type, can express the ever-changing natural form of gems

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