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KeKe Jewelry Shares How to Wear Jewellery


KeKe Jewelry Shares How to Wear Jewellery

Exquisite men and women will never ignore the matching of jewellery. After all, if this step is done well, it can become the highlight of the whole person. Especially when it's summer, the clothes will be more monotonous, and a bright accessory will immediately make you different.

Many celebrities use jewellery to brighten the entire shape, so you should pay attention to jewellery matching.


Jewelry Must be Good for the Body

When choosing jewelry, you must combine your body shape, and let your jewelry wear for your own strengths and avoid weaknesses. Just like choosing a necklace, girls with round faces are better off choosing long necklaces,and avoid choosing short and complex style necklaces, so as to complement each other to achieve the finishing touch of wearing jewelry. Especially for earrings, the method of choosing earrings must be particular.


Necklace Wearing Rules-Simple is Good-looking

There are many types of necklaces and various shapes, which it is easy to catch others’ eyes when you wear it. Necklace has a strong decorative effect. In addition to traditional gold and silver necklaces, titanium steel and tungsten steel necklaces are now popular. How to wear the necklace generously and decently?


1. It is not recommended to wear multiple necklaces, which not only looks cumbersome, but also has bad morals.

2. Avoid wearing particularly thick necklaces, which can be rustic and tacky if not worn well.

3. There are some large pendant necklaces on the market. Pay attention to the size of the pendant and the thickness of the necklace as a whole.

4. In more formal and serious occasions, it is not suitable for matching with strange style necklaces and pendants.


Coordination of Jewelry and Clothing

Many girls in life always choose their favorite when wearing jewelry. No matter what style of clothing they wear, they always wear their favorite jewelry. This is actually wrong. After all, the favorite jewelry may not match the clothing of the day. Therefore, it is better not to wear it, nor to destroy the overall beauty because of a momentary like. Jewelry should be consistent with the style you wear that day!



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