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Purchase knowledge of jewelry


                                                                                                                                                                                                         Purchase knowledge of jewelry

       Shopping is something we must face in our daily lives. No matter what kind of product you are buying, you must choose it. When you are buying stainless steel, tungsten steel, titanium steel, 316L, 304 stainless steel, 925 silver jewelry, in addition to choosing the style you like and suitable, you need to be serious Choose to choose the most suitable. What do you know about the following 7 points to buy common sense?

     1. Before purchasing, check whether the whole is intact, whether the appearance is flawless, whether the surface is meticulous, whether there are scratches, whether the joint of the chain is strong, whether the activity is flexible, etc.

     2. Do not care about all kinds of jewelry at ordinary times, jewelry is easy to be damaged, you should pay attention to it, do not wear them to bathe, wash your face, or close to the detergent, because the damp moisture can easily make them contaminated, especially With the design of complicated ornaments, dirt is more likely to deposit in the corners of the gap.

    3. Perfume is a favorite of many female friends. Although it is deeply loved by consumers, it is harmful to jewelry. Therefore, you should carefully follow the principles and habits of spraying perfume first, and then bringing jewelry to avoid Chemical substances remain on the jewelry, which can cause damage to the jewelry over time.

    4. During storage, it is taboo to store the jewelry together or stack it with hard objects. Try to prevent bumps, scratches, and surface damage. After use, store it separately in the original box or soft bag.

   5. Avoid contact with chemicals and corrosive liquids, such as perfumes, setting water, cosmetics, etc. Try to wear them after using cosmetics or perfumes.

   6. It is best to remove the jewelry before bathing, swimming, exercising, and going to bed, because sweat and alkaline chemicals will affect the gloss of the jewelry.

   7. When cleaning the jewelry, you can use a soft fine brush or soft cloth to wipe the jewelry, or rinse it with water and then wipe it with a dry soft cloth.

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