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Earrings classification


     Earrings classification, the first thought is to divide by style. Such as: hoop earrings, dangling earrings, hanging earrings and so on. Today, the professionals of Keke Jewelry Co., Ltd. come to talk about another way of dividing, according to the style specifications. Can be divided into small sense, medium sense and large sense.

   . A small amount of earrings are worn by more small and exquisite people, which is more comfortable for others, and the overall look will not be too exaggerated.The style of clothes that can be matched can also be changed, and the feeling of looming in the ear can better set off. Beautiful facial features.

   . The medium-weight earrings are just right in every aspect of the figure, and the body shape is satisfactory. So they look good in any shape they wear, they don't pick people at all, they don't affect their own temperament, how should they match or how to match.

    Ⅲ. The sense of a large amount is that people with larger skeletons will be more suitable for wearing, and it seems that you are more mature, so people with large skeletons are suitable for wearing earrings when wearing earrings. If they are too delicate, they will make People ignore earrings.

If you choose to wear inappropriate earrings, it may be a bit hard to say. For example, in this picture, she wears irregular round earrings and large circle earrings. Although it is a medium size compared to other earrings, the effect of wearing it is not as comfortable as the delicate earrings, but fortunately, it has been hollowed out, so it looks okay.

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