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Jewelry processing skills-advantages and benefits of laser welding


                                                                                                                                    Jewelry processing skills-advantages and benefits of laser welding

                                        What are the obvious advantages of laser welding in jewelry processing?

Laser welding has the characteristics of high welding strength and speed, and low rejection rate. Is widely used in jewelry manufacturing, now let us take a look at the comparison with traditional welding technology.

1. Fast speed, high strength, small deformation, no need for correction and cleaning after welding.

2. It is suitable for welding precision work and can ensure the quality of work.

3. High assembly accuracy is helpful for the development of new jewelry production technology.

4. Good consistency and stability, usually without filling metal and flux, the workpiece can be partially melted and welded directly.

5. It can simplify the repair work of the workpiece, such as repairing the metal near the gem and cleaning the holes in the casting, such as hinges, hooks, fasteners, inserts, etc.

6. It does not pollute the environment. In the laser welding process, there is no need to use solder and flux, and no need to use chemical solvents for cleaning. Therefore, there is no problem of waste disposal.

7. Metal materials can be saved. When traditional welding technology is used, the metal thickness is generally required to be 0.2mm, while using laser welding, the thickness can be reduced to 0.1mm. Therefore, the weight of jewelry can be reduced by 35% to 40%, which is particularly important for electroforming products.

                                    What are the benefits of laser welding in jewelry processing?

Laser welding not only saves solder, but also eliminates the need to use different types of solder during multiple soldering. But because the laser beam is in contact with the air, it will inevitably be a little burnt black. Affect the beauty of jewelry. How can we avoid it? When laser welding is the same as the raw materials, the air must be isolated to make it a positive air zone. However, the current technology is still unable to reach this level, but we can reduce the effect of the impact.

1. During laser processing, reduce the light spot to reduce the area affected by heat.

2. Use inert gas to insulate oxidizing gas in the air, "blowing inert gas"

3. Use high-power laser welding machine to reduce the contact time of the processed objects in the air.

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