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Testing tools used in the production of jewelry


                                                                                                                   Testing tools used in the production of jewelry

        In the jewelry production process, whether the jewelry craftsmanship is qualified or not can be judged after measuring with a measuring tool. The correctness of the indication of the measuring tool is directly related to the correctness of the qualification of the jewelry product. KEkE Jewelry Co., Ltd. will introduce several measuring tools used in the production process:

1. Vernier caliper

In order to improve the reading accuracy, the scale value on the ruler must be as small as possible. This requires a dense scale and a thin width of the engraved line. This is not only difficult in manufacturing, but also difficult to observe with the naked eye during use. If you put a ruler with a thicker scale, side to side, there will be a slight error between the marking lines, which can be seen immediately. The vernier caliper is to use this feature, add a scaled vernier ruler to the main ruler of the scribing line for reading, as shown in the figure

Each scale of the main ruler is 1mm. Each scale of the cursor is 0.98mm. When in use, the main ruler reads as an integer, and the cursor reads as a decimal (<1mm). The sum of the two is the actual size.

2.outside micrometer

The outside micrometer is made by the principle of thread transmission. When threaded transmission, the stroke in the axial direction is proportional to the thread rotation angle. The thread pitch is generally set to 0.5mm, and there are 50 divisions on the circumference of the microtube, and the axis of the wire rod moves 0.01mm for each rotation. When the micrometer is reading, the measuring axis is engraved as an integer (>1mm), and the decimal is read on the micrometer. The sum of the two is the actual size. The actual reading is shown in the figure, and the reading is 14.10mm.

3. digital caliper

The digital caliper is a length measuring instrument that uses a capacitive grid (or grating, etc.) measuring system and digital display to read. The shape is shown in the figure, and it is mainly used to measure the outer and inner dimensions of the workpiece.

1—Inner measuring claw of the knife edge; 2—Rule frame; 3—Brake screw; 4—Display; 5—Data output port; 6—Rule body; 7—Outer measuring claw; 8—Metric and inch conversion button; 9—Set Zero button; 10-depth gauge.

4. caliper with watch

The appearance of the caliper with a meter is shown in the figure. The distance between the two measuring jaws of the caliper after the relative movement, indicating the integer part of the millimeter value on the ruler, and the decimal part of the millimeter value on the indicator. Calipers with a meter are mainly used to measure the outer and inner dimensions of parts.

1—ruler body; 2—inner measuring claw; 3—rack; 4—indicating table; 5—fastening screw; 6—ruler frame; 7—depth gauge; 8—roller handle; 9—dial locking screw; 10 -Outer measuring claw.

The above are the four measuring tools commonly used by Foshan Keke Jewelry Co., Ltd. in measuring whether the jewelry process is qualified.

It is our company that uses such sophisticated inspection tools to ensure the specifications and dimensions of our products!


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