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Do you know the correct way to wear necklaces, rings and earrings?


                                                                                                                             Do you know the correct way to wear necklaces, rings and earrings?

     Beauty is built on the premise of health. Jewelry is beautiful, but it also has my problems. How can beauty and health coexist?

1. How to wear necklace jewelry correctly

Necklace materials are generally chrome-plated, mercury-plated or lead-tin alloy products will directly cause damage to the skin, because the skin on the neck is relatively thin, which is easy to be injured and cause inflammation. So wear as little as possible. The stainless steel material features no fading, no deformation, no irritation to the skin, and environmental protection. Recommend to choose stainless steel necklace

1. Generally, you should not wear more than one necklace, but you can fold a long necklace into several circles and wear it.

2. Necklaces worn by men should not be exposed.

3. Short necklace, about 40 cm long, suitable for low-collar tops; medium-length necklace, about 50 cm long, which can be widely used; long necklace, about 60 cm long, suitable for ladies to use in social occasions; extra-long necklace, about 70 length More than cm, suitable for ladies to wear on grand social occasions.

2. How to wear jewelry rings correctly

The ring must choose a suitable size, because the ring is too tight, the skin and muscles of the hoop are easy to form ring deformities, and the time will affect the blood circulation of the fingers and cause local ring death. Many people rarely take off the ring after wearing it. This is wrong. Rings are not suitable for long-term wearing. The skin under long-term wearing rings is easy to breed bacteria and cause harm.

1. It is generally worn on the left hand, and it is best to only wear one, at most two, except for the bride.

2. When two rings are worn, they can be worn on the two connected fingers of one hand or on the corresponding fingers of two hands.

3. The thumb usually does not wear a ring, and generally should not wear multiple rings on one finger.

4. Wearing a ring when wearing tulle gloves should be worn inside. Only the bride is not subject to this restriction.

5. The more popular ways to wear in the world are: index finger-means wanting to get married and unmarried; middle finger-already in love; ring finger-means engaged or married; little finger-means single.

3, how to wear earring jewelry correctly

There are many types of earrings. Among them, clip-on earrings should not be worn for too long, because the earlobe is rich in blood circulation. Wearing clip-on earrings for a long time will affect the blood circulation of the earlobe.

1. Under normal circumstances, it is only used by women, and it must be used in pairs, that is, one for each ear.

2. It is generally not suitable to wear multiple earrings on one ear at the same time.

3. In foreign countries, men also wear earrings, but it is customary to wear one on the left ear and not the right ear.

Wearing jewelry correctly can not only reflect one's taste, but also enhance one's own temperament.

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