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Knowledge about body puncture


                                                                                                                                           Knowledge about body puncture

           The art of body piercing became popular all over the world due to the "Punk wave" (Punk) in the 1970s in Britain and the "Hippie movement" (Hip) in the United States during the same period. At that time, hippies and punk parties liked to wear long hair, Indian-style turbans, jeans, Indian shirts, and hand-made neckwear or metal jewelry. Campaign advocates put forward anti-art, anti-rational, anti-logic, anti-authoritarian culture, and anti-capitalism slogans to express the dissatisfaction of young people from the working class towards society and their protest against reality. They have no suggestions, only destruction; they try to fully demonstrate their rebelliousness by negating, destroying, and destroying all values. In addition to rock music, tattoos and graffiti, body piercing became another main way for young people to express their personality at that time.

Human body puncture is called an alternative art, which is different from medical puncture in medicine. It was a beauty activity that emerged in Europe and America and spread to China. Generally called body puncture or body perforation.

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