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How to maintain the gold-plated jewelry better?


                                                                                                                                                                                    How to maintain the gold-plated jewelry better?

      Gold-plated jewelry is loved by people for his low price, and its glittering appearance can be compared with gold. The following Hengdaxin jewelry teaches you the daily maintenance of gold-plated jewelry:

               1. In the process of wearing gold-plated jewelry, if time is sufficient, it is best to wipe it with a fine velvet cloth, so that the jewelry can be kept bright.

               2. When not wearing, wipe the surface gently with cotton cloth or absorbent tissue paper to remove the water and dirt from the necklace. Place it in a sealed bag or jewelry box to avoid contact with the air.

              3. When taking a bath or doing heavy work, you should take off the necklace, otherwise the gold-plated luster of the necklace will be darkened after being soaked in hot water or sweat, or even the color will fade.

             4. In the process of wearing the necklace, do not pull hard to prevent the gold plating from falling off.

             5. When storing the jewelry in the jewelry box, do not put the gold-plated jewelry and other jewelry in the same place. This will cause the two to rub against each other and damage the gold-plated layer or stain the color of other jewelry.

            6. Once the gold-plated things lose their luster or the gold layer is corroded, there is no way to restore the luster by washing with gold or other methods, so be careful when wearing them. When doing housework or washing clothes, the gold-plated jewelry must be Remember to remove it to avoid being corroded by chemicals such as laundry detergent.

           7, if the style of your gold-plated jewelry is relatively complicated, it is best to regularly go to a professional jewelry store to do professional cleaning and maintenance every six months, so that the gold-plated jewelry has always remained fresh.

         The above is shared with you by the after sales department of Foshan Keke Jewelry Co., Ltd.!

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