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American customers visit the company for cooperation


                                                                                                                                                                     American customers visit the company for cooperation

           Warmly welcome Ms. Anderson to visit the factory. Ms. Anderson is mainly looking for a better titanium steel necklace foundry. After the field inspection, Ms. Anderson decided to cooperate with us and move forward together.

           When we talk about the United States, the United States can never limit our imagination. The famous Hollywood Hollywood, Hip-pop hip-hop, Super Bowl, Super Bowl, Hotdog hot dogs and so on will come to mind. , American trend culture is at the forefront of the world.

             Ms. Anderson found our company through domestic traders in 2016 and plans to find a titanium steel jewelry foundry in China. According to Ms. Anderson, the current consumption of precious metals in the United States is gradually decreasing, and the sales of silver jewelry and titanium steel jewelry are constantly increasing, reflecting that consumers are constantly changing the update of jewelry styles. Therefore, for jewelry brand companies, the most important thing is that style updates and stable quality are important factors based on the local market. Compared to women who are used to consuming precious metals, having a variety of titanium steel jewelry to wear in turns is their invisibility. Demand, this is convinced.

           During the inspection of the titanium steel jewelry foundry, Ms. Anderson paid special attention to the plating color and welding points. Among the 76 jewellery items selected between the samples, the welding points were discerning, and she proposed to check the storage for more than 2 years. Color of jewellery samples. Obviously, these two process details are very important for them!

                After communicating with us in various quality links, Ms. Anderson proposed proofing their CAD jewellery designs of 21 models, and also selected 11 of our existing samples to produce large-scale goods, totaling more than 80,000 pieces of jewelry, and the lead time was 20 days , Reach cooperation!

           Product picture of titanium steel:


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