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How to avoid jewelry allergies


Allergy to wearing jewelry is inevitable in the jewelry industry. Because everyone's physique is different, some people may experience allergic reactions such as spots and itching when wearing jewelry without materials, which may cause physical discomfort. How do we know if we have allergies? Let's talk about the different allergies that appear when wearing different materials.

1. Copper ornaments: After the copper reaction, the skin will appear green. The jewelry we wear may not be pure copper, but the copper content is also sufficient to react with the skin. Especially when some body chemistry is strong, it is more likely to produce spots.

2. Silver ornaments: Sterling silver contains 7.5% copper, but most of the spots caused by sterling silver jewelry are black, and all occur after the metal and air react to become black. Some sterling silver jewelry will be covered with a coating to prevent air oxidation, but the coating will gradually come off with long-term wear.

3. Gold jewelry: Gold itself will hardly leave any stain on your skin, but other metals mixed in gold will. Copper, nickel and silver and gold are mixed to change the color tone of gold and make it harder and lower its cost. Any of these metals will leave traces of them on your skin. The smaller the K (Karat) on gold jewelry, the lower the purity of gold and the higher the content of other metals. Some people will not respond to wearing 10K gold, but some people must buy 18K gold to prevent discoloration.

4. Nickel-containing jewelry: If you are allergic to nickel, it will leave you with more than just stains. Wearing nickel-containing jewelry will make your skin itchy, red, and even yellow water flows out.

What's the problem? How do I avoid wearing jewellery but fear of allergies?


First of all, we can choose high-purity metal jewelry, such as 18K gold, gold and other jewelry, but it is very expensive. Taking into account economic factors, stainless steel jewelryand titanium steel jewelry can be selected. The stainless steel jewelry produced by Foshan Keke Jewelry Co., Ltd. is plated with 18K gold. The price is high and the price is cheap. Keep the skin dry when wearing jewelry; keep the jewelry clean and avoid rust.


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