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Several options for jewelry customization



                                                                                                                                                                                          Several options for jewelry customization

       Times are changing fashion. Today, custom jewelry has become a trend. In order to walk in front of the jewelry trend, many customers continue to customize the style of different jewelry styles, impacting people's visual nerves.

As we all know, Foshan Keke Jewelry Co., Ltd. has 15 years of experience in stainless steel jewelry production. Its service items include customized jewelry, processed jewelry, OEM jewelry, etc. 30 design engineers can provide ODM for similar samples / new / revised. OEM customers can accept customized drawings for processing. Strive to meet the customized processing needs of different customers.

1.Creative customization

Many people now have their own ideas, full of personality. If customers have their own creativity, Keke jewelry designer will be creatively customized according to the needs of customers to customize their own ideas and stories. The designer will communicate the needs of the customer and confirm the design again and again. Engineers will then process and customize.

2.To map custom

Maybe some customers are students who have learned to design themselves, and have their own design inspiration for jewelry customization. In this case, the customer only needs to provide the design drawings of the earrings related to the size of the jewelry to Keke Jewelry Co., Ltd. The design engineer of Keke Jewelry Co., Ltd. will completely install the customer's drawings for processing and customization, and process custom jewelry for the customer.

3.Jewelry facelift

Times are changing, and the previous jewelry styles may not be suitable for the current fashion jewelry industry. At this time, you can choose to change the style of jewelry to catch up with the trend of fashion. Not only can retain the elements of the original jewelry, but also can add fashion and popular style. Kill two birds with one stone.


Some customers will provide some jewelry materials to Keke Jewelry Co., Ltd. for processing. This has certain design requirements for styles, but it is still based on sex comparison. Regardless of any creative ideas of the processing and customization customers, they can hardly jump out of the circle, and color separation, diamonds, and lettering are standard.


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