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Earring matching skills: Choose the right earrings for a delicate face


      This article is about fashion and theme sharing. About earrings matching skills: choosing the right earrings can show delicate small faces, everyone should know that hair style and face shape are inseparable, so have you ever thought of another important person in this "intimate relationship": earring. Earrings can modify the face shape like a hairstyle, but choosing the wrong earrings can ruin the perfect hairstyle and even expose the shortcomings of your face.

         First, earrings matching skills: how to choose round earrings to modify the face shape

Round face matching rule 1: don't wear round earrings

We told you that there should not be too many large round hair curls around the round face. Similarly, it should not be exaggerated and eye-catching round earrings, it will make the face more rounded. Use slender long earrings to balance the unpleasant "short and round" face shape, which can make the proportion of the face look better.

Round face matching rule two: choose hollow style

Generally speaking, round face is best matched with streamlined earrings. Don't wear large exaggerated styles. If you must wear round and other style earrings, the cutout style is much better than the solid style. The presence of solid round earrings is too strong, in contrast to the round face, even the hollow style will be much lighter.

        Second, earrings matching skills: how to choose rectangular earrings to modify the face shape

Rectangular Face Matching Rule 1: Don't Wear Slim Earrings

Just as people with long square faces don't want to have long hair with "clear soup and little water", they are also not suitable for wearing slender earrings, which will make the face look narrower and longer. The exaggerated design of the large earrings can widen the proportion of the face, but it looks unusually harmonious. A girl with a square face, avoid strips, water drops, and triangle-shaped earrings. Try bravely to suit your style!

Rectangular face matching rule 2: Do not exceed the length of the chin

If it is a noticeable slender earring, then do not choose a length longer than the chin, it will lengthen the proportion of the face and make the face look longer. If you must try it, try the technique shown in the figure. The round earrings with fringe will not worry about lengthening the face at all.

       Third, earrings matching skills: how to choose square earrings to modify the face shape

Square face matching rule one: the lower end of the earrings cannot be flush with the face's most square position

  When wearing a long earring with a square face, pay attention that the lower end of the earring should not be parallel to the most square position of the face. It should be higher or lower than that part.

Square face matching rule 2: Do not wear square earrings

Triangular and square earrings with stiff lines are not suitable for girls with square faces. Long earrings can better balance the proportion of square faces. Choose rounded earrings, such as drop-shaped and oval shapes that can smooth the thick lines of the mandible. The square earrings worn by Jennifer Morrison can only make her face look more square, while the slender triangle-shaped earrings in the picture make the face lines look much more feminine.

Square face with rule three: Lightweight style is more suitable for you

The square face is not suitable for anything that is too eye-catching at the position of the mandible, so that people can realize their unconscious concentration. So don't try the earrings that feel quite heavy like this picture, but the hollow ring in the picture looks light, and the round lines can smooth the jaw contour, which is a better choice.

          Fourth, earrings matching skills: how to choose a heart-shaped face earrings to modify the face shape

Heart-shaped face matching rule one: Do not wear inverted cone style

If the awl's chin is easy to become the focal point of vision, it seems that the normal forehead is abnormally wide. In order to balance this weight, the lighter, the lighter, do not choose the tapered earrings with wide and lower tips. The sharp lower end of the earrings will only make the chin a more eye-catching focus.

Heart-shaped face matching rule two: Do not choose a large ring

The most embarrassing choice for Christina Milian's earrings is that the large ring just "helps" increase the width of the widest part of the cheek, making the sharply sharpened chin more visible. Change the earrings to thin and thick styles. The cute ball just can modify the narrow chin, and the whole person looks young.

     The above about earrings matching skills: the knowledge about choosing the right earrings can show the delicate little face, I will introduce it here, I hope to help everyone!


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