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Choose the right jewelry to make yourself more confident


Choosing the right stainless steel jewelry will greatly deepen the original temperament in styling, but in the face of frequent changes, how to choose stainless steel jewelry can make you more confident! The matching of the same jewelry is still a match between different styles.

1.If the overall shape is relatively simple and neat, you can choose to wear multiple bracelets, which will increase the details of the shape and make your hands appear more slender. However, please pay attention to keeping the width and color of multiple bracelets basically the same, otherwise it will be tacky and messy. . If it is a minimalist style, when wearing a single bracelet, the width also needs to maintain a "slim feeling".

2. Necklaces can be said to be very important. No matter what shape the necklace is not only an accessory, it sometimes becomes a "brick". If the collarbone of the neck is too blank, the necklace will be filled.

3. For the neck and neck that is too "empty", you can choose a thin clavicle chain as an embellishment, mainly focusing on highlighting the clavicle, enriching the overall shape without losing detail.

4. You can also choose the "folding method" with gradual length along the shape of the top. The V-neck has a good effect on creating a slender swan neck; the square neck will increase the "staggered feeling" of the shape, but pay attention The chain should be as thin as possible.

5. The golden jewellery matches the black leather very well. The black leather can set off the golden color more shiningly, making it a bright spot for the overall shape. Gold-plated titanium steel jewelry is a good choice, and the price is affordable.

6. If you want to easily make the shape have a "high-level sense", it is recommended that the materials and styles of the jewelry should be consistent, so that they can respond to the effect of "rich" shape.

7. Exaggerated earrings are a good choice for retro look.

8. Exaggerated golden round earrings, matched with retro lantern sleeve shirt + polka-dot skirt, full of elegant retro atmosphere, plus straw bag and straw hat add a bit of lazy vacation style.

9. You can also choose the combination of a thin chain + a large pendant, which emphasizes the existence of stainless steel jewelry, and the overall shape is a little more durable.

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