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How to wear a necklace


                                                                                                                                                                                          How to wear a necklace

       In real life, many people mistakenly believe that only an elderly woman can wear a pearl necklace, while a young girl will appear old-fashioned. In fact, as long as you master the "hidden rules" of pearl necklace wearing, you can also wear pearl necklaces like Chanel to show their temperament and elegance!

How to choose a pearl necklace according to your face, body, and age? 

1. The matching skills of pearl necklaces according to clothing

Wear the same color, pure color cheongsam, and choose color beads;

Wear a big flower-shaped cheongsam and choose the same color pearls;

When clothing or other accessories are more complicated, choose a simple necklace style.

Try not to choose pearl jewelry that is too close to the color of the clothes to avoid losing the color of the pearl.

2. Choose the length of the pearl necklace according to your face and body shape. How long should you choose?

Generally, Asian women of medium body shape, with a height of 160cm and a height of 120 kg, generally choose collar necklaces, short necklaces, and princess necklaces. If you are a slightly fat woman, who is over 120 kg, it is generally recommended to choose a martini-type necklace, an opera type, or a knot type is more suitable.

Of course, height and weight are only the most basic reference method, it is best to personally measure the wearing position to determine more accurately. If the neck is thicker or more plump and fat, you can choose a longer length to achieve the purpose of lengthening the face.

How to choose a pearl necklace according to your face, body, and age? -Guangzhou Jewelry Factory

3. Choose the size of the pearl necklace according to your age status. How big is a pearl necklace?

            Generally speaking, the older you are, the larger your pearl necklace should be. Generally speaking, 8mm is a medium-sized pearl necklace size. Pearls below 8mm are generally suitable for women under 35 years old. For example, those over 35 years old or for women with higher seniority should give priority to those above 8mm, which is more atmospheric. , More in line with their age temperament


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