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A brief introduction to tongue nail


Tongue nails are usually in the center of the tongue. When puncturing the center of the tongue, the risk of nerves and blood vessel damage can be reduced to a minimum.

A brief introduction to tongue nail

Under the tongue, a large number of blood vessels are generally extremely obvious extending to both sides. For many taste buds, tongue piercing will not affect the sense of taste. The piercing position should be determined with reference to the length of the tongue. This length includes the length in the normal state and when it is stretched.

Set according to the forward or backward distance of the puncture, and there is a little room for maneuver. Generally speaking, the most comfortable way to speak and eat is to pass through the back part of the tongue that is naturally curved. If the position of the tongue nail puncture jewelry is too far behind, it will cause inflammation of the vocal cords and make people uncomfortable. If the puncture site is unreasonable, it will cause inflammation of the gums.

The nails should be as perpendicular to the tongue as possible. A particularly inclined puncture (the top hole is away from the bottom hole) will create pressure at the puncture port and cause scars. The oblique puncture will cause the gums to push the ball at the bottom and cause the gums to burn and corrode.

The bottom of the mouth or the underside of the gums may become irritated due to pressure and friction from the bottom of the ball. Inflammation is generally ruled out due to the small lever bell. If the ball continues to rub against the gums, the barbell will become a small ball or disc with rounded edges. If the puncture is close to the end of the tongue or inclined to the part of the ball, it will ignore the size of the ball and cause friction with the gums. Prolonged pressure can cause gum erosion, and it may also lose the gums directly under the teeth, causing dents in the gums. This is something that needs attention.

The frenulum is a mesh-like tissue that runs longitudinally along the underside of the tongue. When piercing the tongue nail, piercing the lace will cause scars. If the lacing is obvious, then the puncture should be as close as possible to the front or to the side. If the lace is large or prominent, it will cause inflammation or even scars due to the piercing jewelry worn. A small bottom ball can reduce scars.

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