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Precautions for wearing various accessories


                                                                                                                                             Precautions for wearing various accessories



    1. Earrings: There are two types of earrings, one is a roll-in type, suitable for people with earholes; the other is a screw type, which can be used by people without earholes. It is important for earrings to match the face shape. Girls with round faces should wear long necklaces and dangling earrings, while women with long faces should wear round earrings. People with square faces should wear small and exquisite earrings or earrings. To show their personality, girls with sharp faces can wear earrings that increase the sense of breadth, such as exaggerated styles such as triangles, large buttons, and large circles.

    2. At the stalls of the jewelry wholesale market, the quantity of each style is relatively large. And only wholesale, not retail. Although the spot quantity is large, it does not support drop shipping. Customers who have a fixed customer base and stable delivery can go to the wholesale market to see the style and quality of jewelry.

Wear the right jewelry, where you are, the center of the world is, of course, the matching of jewelry also needs attention. You know, the temperament of wearing jewelry necklaces and not wearing jewelry necklaces when matching clothes is much worse. So, what kind of jewelry can be matched with different clothes to produce a more beautiful effect?

      When preparing to match jewelry, you should first consider these aspects: overall effect, own characteristics, different occasions, traditional habits and so on. When choosing jewelry, you should choose to combine with your body type characteristics, so that you can wear your jewelry for your own strengths and avoid weaknesses.

       For example, people with slim bodies and delicate skin wear jewelry inlaid with dark gemstones, and the decorative effect is very good.

Fat, dark-skinned jewellery with good transparency and light color series can also achieve superior results.

         As long as you avoid unsuitable minefields, matching jewelry is actually very simple. Some people often use too much force in order to wear their personality, which gives people the feeling of LOW, which does not improve your temperament, but reduces the points for your collocation. Why not wear it! Therefore, exaggerated and non-textured accessories should be discarded with age, and choose more refined and classic ones.

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