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Fashion brooches highlight taste


                                                                                                                                                          Fashion brooches highlight taste

In winter, the weather is cold, and the clothing must keep up, such as windbreakers and down jackets. So the question is, what's the meaning of wearing a jacket, you must wear a brooch to be more fashionable! But now there are many styles and materials of brooches. Today, the editor came to talk with you about what kinds of brooches and how to wear them?

1. Minimalist style brooches. Minimalist style is popular no matter what, because after seeing the colorful and colorful embellishment, you will find the most advanced style is minimalism style. A monotonous black dress, with a minimalist six-sided pillar brooch as accessories, the overall feeling is low-key and simple, you can try this combination if you like minimalist style. The brooch is the best companion for minimalism.

2. Simple style clothes with a simple brooch, this minimalist style is very classic. Flower brooches. Flower brooches do not have to choose large flowers. The acrylic flower brooches that are popular this year are very distinctive. Simple/elegant/fresh, bringing a touch of comfort to the cool early autumn. You can also pin the flower brooch to the hem of your clothes. The dazzling color echoes the red dress, which is too beautiful.

3. Animal element brooches. Small animal elements are very common to make brooches. If the brooch is larger, it can be worn on the chest. If there are many and small, you can try this wearing method, choose a set of brooches with different animal elements to decorate the shoulders, which is very innovative and also brings bright spots to plain sweaters.

4. Fruit element brooch Fruit element brooch is very cute, it is very suitable for daily wear and accessories, it can be worn in T-shirts and dresses. Like Xiong Ziqi with a strawberry brooch with a green print suit, the retro modern look makes people shine.

5. Stacking brooches and brooches do not have to wear one. For example, on a white shirt with a simple color, surround the collar with a few flower brooches, ordinary shirts suddenly become unique. A variety of brooches are stacked, showing another style.

It can be said that brooches can not only be used as accessories, but also an indispensable sense of ceremony. It represents a person's inner beauty and outer beauty, but also represents a person's cultivation and temperament.

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