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How to wear a titanium brooch


                                                                                                                                          How to wear a titanium brooch?

              Brooches are not exclusive to mature women, nor do they have to be useful on grand occasions. The brooch is the sublimation of fashion details. Own a small plane, which can carry a full art form and decorate your daily style.

1. The first position of the classic accessory brooch on the chest should be on the chest. This is the most classic way to wear it. It is not easy to make mistakes and has a sense of ceremony.

2. The finishing touch jewelry at the front of the neck, whether it is a shirt with a collar, a sweater with a round neck, etc., you can use a brooch to enrich the overall look of the look, without any sense of contradiction, just like a necklace Ornament effect.

3. Wear your waist cleverly to beautify your waistline. Whether it's a leisurely and comfortable daily half skirt or a party activity that fights for beauty, naturally pin a brooch. The elegant temperament is simply unmatched, and the ingenious plan highlights your beauty. Good shape!

4. The personalized decorative brooch on the hat has its own flexible decorative attributes, which can be decorated on the hat to make the hat more exclusive and unique, and the details add fashion charm!

5. Pin the scarves to the dazzling attention. Pin the brooch on the scarves, which has the function of acting as a fixer, and can also be used as ornaments to make the scarf more dazzling.

6. Have fun with stacking fashion charm. Multiple brooches are matched together to have a more visual decorative effect. You may wish to use the brooch to make a shape, which is absolutely eye-catching!

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