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Fashionable stainless steel and tungsten steel jewelry trends in 2020


                                                                                                                 Fashionable stainless steel and tungsten steel jewelry trends in 2020

        Ornaments have fashionable attributes such as ornamental and decorative. Nowadays, as consumption upgrades and aesthetic standards are getting higher and higher, they also have a great promotion effect on the entire industry. Continuous integration and innovation have gradually formed a popular trend. Today in December 2020, let’s talk about the jewelry trends this year?

Trend 1: Pursue the most beautiful, dazzling, and most moving colors.

Use color to create atmosphere and space to inspire endless beautiful imaginations. Ruby is so beautiful that you can refer to Hengda Jewelry’s ruby and gold male ring for details. Rubies can set off people’s sophistication and glamour, and sapphires are deep blue. And the green safety of emeralds. These classic colors will always be integrated into the trends that will dominate the future.

Trend 2: Cultural and creative products continue to promote cultural heritage.

Modern fashion, highlighting individuality and personal charm, with the Forbidden City as a representative of Chinese cultural and creative cultural elements, combining traditional crafts and modern crafts, inspiring young people's enthusiasm for traditional culture, and continue to use traditional culture that is light and delicate, refined and beautiful Connotation leads 2020.

Trend 3: Represented by innovative fun and entertainment, chasing curiosity about new things.

In the 1990s, they were 30 years old. After the 00s, the consumer group gradually manifested their curiosity about new things. When they are unable to buy genuine brands for their favorite jewelry, they will choose to record them quickly with images and words. Looking for private jewelry customization studios to create favorite jewelry for them. They are never stingy with what they like, value self-satisfaction, and get freshness in time.

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