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Mr. Orhan from Turkey came to customize the picture


Mr. Orhan from Turkey came to customize the picture

Mr. Orhan from Turkey came to our company to discuss the OEM of stainless steel necklaces. We also led Mr. Orhan to visit our processing site and praised our products, so we signed a cooperation contract with us.

Statistics show that with economic growth, jewelry is no longer a high-consumer product for a small number of people, and ordinary consumers have grown rapidly. Titanium steel jewelry has become a new fashion with stylish and exquisite design and environmentally friendly materials. It is very popular abroad. In recent years, the sales volume has risen sharply, and the market prospect is widely optimistic.

In 2017, Mr. Orhan from Turkey entrusted his Chinese friends to help find manufacturers of titanium steel necklaces, so he found our Foshan Keke Jewelry Co., Ltd. Soon after, Mr. Orhan and his friends visited the factory. After understanding, Mr. Orhan is a titanium steel jewelry merchant. He found that the titanium steel jewelry on the market has a fast update cycle and the styles are the same. They have not been competitive in the market, and only continuously update the styles to meet consumer needs. Can be based on the titanium steel jewelry market.

Afterwards, we led Mr. Orhan and his party to visit the titanium steel jewelry sample room and introduced to them in detail our titanium steel necklace foundry process, vacuum plating process and design strength. Mr. Orhan has seen our factory and raised his concerns. The company is currently facing a slower style update than its peers. This will have an impact on their company's brand. Can they resolve his concerns? The final result of the negotiation is to provide more than 10 CAD drawings of each category of jewelry each month, which were selected by Mr. Orhan and the team for reference; and 22 models of titanium steel necklace jewelry samples were selected on site to produce bulk goods. The 9 titanium steel jewellery products brought by Mr. Erhan were sampled and confirmed within 7 days, and 16 products were produced with us, totaling 120,000 pieces of titanium steel jewellery, and the delivery time was 18 days.


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