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How to wear shirt cufflinks


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      Although the shirt cufflinks are small, they can enhance the overall taste of clothing and show a refined attitude towards life. Cufflinks can be worn regardless of whether it is a shirt with unilateral cuffs or a shirt with French cuffs. Men who pursue perfect details, today we will discuss how to choose cufflinks on different occasions.

Tips for wearing shirt cufflinks: If the cuff contacting the skin is called side A, and the other side is called side B, the cufflink shirt is the side A on both sides of the cuff contacting each other, and then the needle connecting the "button" part of the cufflink Wear it from the cuff on the back of the hand, then pass it out from the cuff on the palm of the hand, and fix it.

Note that when the shirt with French cuffs is turned up, the two layers of cufflink holes should correspond to each other. When wearing cufflinks, align the two sides of the shirt and fasten the cufflinks through one side. Adjust the tightness and make sure the edges of the shirt are neat.

Selection of shirt cufflinks on different occasions:

Office occasions: white shirts with transparent or dark blue cufflinks, dark blue or black tie is recommended, which will produce a trustworthy feeling.

Competitive occasions: dark blue thick straight striped shirt with metal texture cufflinks, dark color tie for tie, easy to create convincing effect.

Party occasion: a pink shirt with dark cufflinks and an Oxford-style diagonal striped tie, which has a relaxing and casual feel.

Happy occasions: a pink shirt with metallic cufflinks and a pink-purple two-color tie can make you look more dynamic.

Important occasions: a gray shirt with silver cufflinks and a bright silver monochromatic tie have the effect of Shen Heng and nobleness, as well as the image bonus.

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